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SORG Group Strengthens It's Lineup

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Float News Gerd Steger

Mr. Steger Joined Sorg on June 1st as Chief Technologist Float. Sorg has been fortunate to land the services of Gerd Steger for our float glass technologies department. Gerd has a degree in glass and ceramics from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Gerd brings with him career experience in design, operations, maintenance and repair of float lines. He has exposure to raw materials and melting as well as production processes. Companies that Gerd has worked for include f | glass, Schott, and Flachglas / Pilkington.

His glass background includes experience with architectural, solar and TFT glass. Sorg looks forward to putting Gerd’s knowhow to good use.

SKS Herbert Lorz

Herbert Lorz is no stranger to SORG. After completing his degree in materials engineering at the technical college in Nuremberg Germany, he joined SORG as a project engineer from 1989 through 1996. During this time he worked in the department that determines the technical design parameters for furnaces as well as commissioned and troubleshoot them. Any compromises Herbert made by design would haunt him during startup. This teaches you to be careful.

Following SORG, Herbert joined Gerresheimer Glas Lohr where he was the batch and melt manager. There he gained experience in operations.

In 2003, Herbert joined Glasshuettentechnik Grob GmbH as Managing Director where he stayed until September 2012.

The SORG Group is pleased to have Herbert back. In the SKS he is acting as technical director and coordinating activities between our service companies and Nikolaus USA Dave Ulmer Sorg GmbH.

USA Dave Ulmer

The American market is playing a large role in Nikolaus Sorg GnbH & Co. KG’s project workload.  To help manage this growth, SORG has added Dave Ulmer to our lineup. In addition to helping us promote furnace and forehearth  echnologies, Dave is promoting batch equipment and services as well. Davie is engaging customers asking them what they would like to see in an expanded Sorg presence in the USA.

Dave Ulmer, has been in the glass industry for over 27 years. He spent 25 years at EW Bowman, Inc, an annealing Lehr manufacturer in Pennsylvania USA.

Recently, Dave spent 2 years as Director of Diversified Markets for US Silica, Maryland USA, a silica supplier to the glass, paint and petroleum industries.

As Vice President of Sales and Technical Services at EW Bowman Inc, Dave had responsibilities in sales, plant operations, engineering and marketing. Dave has traveled extensively over the years in Asia, Europe, South Africa and Spanish speaking Americas in service of Bowman who has installations in 56 countries on 6 continents.

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