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A Vision for glass facades

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Sefar Architecture has launched Vision – a metal-coated precision fabric interlayer, typically laminated within glass or other transparent materials. It creates aesthetic design possibilities in exterior glass façades, windows and interior and decorative glass partition wall systems.

It uses metal-coated fabrics with various apertures to create depth and a reflective quality without overwhelming glare. On a building’s exterior façade, according to the company, Vision fabrics deliver brilliant light refraction and adds dimension without impeding views from the building interior. The end result is a sophisticated, often iridescent glass façade in a variety of rich colour tones.

Peter Katcha, Director, North American Sales for Sefar Architecture, said: “With a material density of up to 27 threads per centimetre, Vision’s metal coatings deliver more facets for light reflection and interaction with its environment than any other interlayer or metal mesh product. At the same time, you can still see through it from the inside, which is a unique feature for similar glass laminated products.”

Fabrics Vision fabrics are also printable with UV stabilised inks to produce Pantone colours, patterns and other design effects. Its metal coatings improve the thermal insulating qualities for reducing solar heat gain while allowing for light transmission. The range of materials can be single or double-sided to produce the desired effect.

The Vision fabrics are available in six fabric density configurations and each can be coated with six different metal coatings: Aluminum, Aluminum/Copper, Chrome, Copper, Titanium and Gold – ultimately providing 36 different combinations for Vision products. They feature plain or twill weaves in a variety of aperture percentages (25-70%) and light transmission percentages (18-60%). 

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