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Allied Invests in Furnace Technology

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Allied Glass Containers have a commitment to be one of the most advanced packaging operations in Europe, so when it came time for a major furnace repair they built a partnership with EME, a member of the SORG group. They are a company with exceptional expertise in batch plants and raw materials handling and have helped to ensure that the new furnace’s batch charger provides the greatest operational and environmental benefits.


SORG have developed the Integrated Concept for Batch Preheating – the Batch 3 principle - incorporating a batch and cullet pre-heater, a deeper doghouse design and a sealed, screw-fed batch charger which is produced by EME – Allied will install the EME batch charger as part of the project.


This is the first installation in the UK of this type of batch charger and doghouse design and it will deliver the following benefits:

• A better working environment around the doghouse due to protection from the heat and less dusting from the batch;
• Reduced NOx emissions due to the doghouse being sealed and not allowing air ingress to the furnace;
• Improved energy efficiency due to smaller, better distributed batch piles;
• Better glass level control due to inverter driven screw feeders and even batch distribution on the surface of the melt;
• A safer working environment – full guarding of all moving parts, a change from the machine being over molten glass to being behind the doghouse, and elimination of the batch charger changing process.

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