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Orangery Solutions - The Only Option for Norfolk, UK

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For a recent orangery project in East Anglia, the consumer demanded that only the Orangery Solutions patented system could be used. Having been referred, the homeowner then scrutinised the orangery market and insisted that it was the only system to be installed.

The 14.2 m. orangery with 4m projection was produced to meet the exact technical specification of the architects for the private property in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. For this prestigious project it was essential that not only the highest standard products were used but also that it would be guaranteed structurally sound in all weathers. Orangery Solutions provides a unique patented system for the market which incorporates all aspects of the structure from floor level up (excluding glazed frames). This particular project included a triple lantern with two hidden steel portals, all the external posts were hidden by aluminium pilasters.

The Orangery Solutions decorative aluminium pilasters both compliment the fascia detail and create a traditional look of solidity. They also provide an attractive alternative to brick pillars. The Orangery Solutions Fascia and Guttering fits easily onto the system and blends perfectly to match with a variety of options. The aluminium roofing system is so simple to use and is not dependent upon the weather to be installed. The Building Regulations stipulated that the flat roof was uprated to 150mm due to the size of the installation which Orangery Solutions had easily accommodated.

Paul Nellis, Managing Director at Orangery Solutions, comments “Our system is simply ideal for anyone undertaking the project management as we simplify the whole process. Unlike other systems, Orangery Solutions does not require sourcing structural steel, carpentry skills, flat roof expertise nor a structural engineer.”

Working alongside architects and builders enabled the Orangery Solutions team to provide a tailored aesthetic and structural design that achieved all the homeowner’s requirements. As the entire system from floor to roof is available from one supplier this made life much easier for the builders who have been impressed with its versatility. The unique Orangery Solutions flat roof finish utilizes a dry fit aluminium flashing system that can be installed rapidly in any weather conditions without causing delays. After previously installing GRP and single ply membrane flat roofs, the builder considers it a better finish, that can be installed more quickly and that they are not limited by weather conditions.

Paul Nellis continues, “The more the homeowner investigated the orangery market the more convinced she was regarding our products. It is very rewarding to know that our product is recognized by consumers as a premium brand and that on this project in particular, it was the only one that would be accepted.” All orangery projects from Orangery Solutions are hassle free and cost effective to install – the unique system does not require multi-trades to be involved during the construction process which greatly simplifies quoting, ordering and installing, all with one simple solution.

For more information on the Orangery Solutions patented system please call 00 441904 786629 or visit the website

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