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Do Old Glass Windows Sag?

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If you look at glass in old windows, it can look distorted, apparently because the lower part of the pane is thicker than the upper part.

Some people think that's because the glass, which

But scientists see through this myth. Glass, usually made of silicon dioxide, doesn't change its shape over the short timescales relevant to humans, says chemist Paddy Royall of the University of Bristol, England. (If it does change shape, that process takes billions of years.)

"The deformations are induced when the SiO2 is cooled from its molten — liquid — state to the glass," Royall told LiveScience.

Nowadays, most

Before that, the glass in windows was cut and flattened from blown cylinders or disks, therefore it was not as flat as modern glass.

"In fact, in old

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