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On This and The Other Side of The Pond

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Sooner or later we will all wind up looking at what the United States is doing. We feel its presence is overwhelming when everything’s fine, but when the situation starts taking a negative turn and the crisis shows no signs of waning, we immediately start wondering how Americans can come to the rescue. Will US companies and trade professionals be able to recover and turbo-charge the economy to pre-2008 levels? In a nutshell, when will the US be restored to its original role as the world's locomotive?

All of these are legitimate questions that however overlook an essential factor: Europe, too, must pull its own weight to make sure it does not miss the boat when the economy rebounds. And the economy will definitely rebound sooner or later, better sooner than later we should add, although we are perfectly aware that the situation today is still fraught with difficulties and companies have to work hard to hold their ground. It is a comfort to know however that we are all perfectly aware of what is going on and this also applies to glass companies, and above all Italian ones, that never stopped believing in their future and investing to maintain their traditional greatest asset: technological leadership. This is what is being done by both Italian companies doing business in America and Italian firms exhibiting in the Glasstec group stand organized by Gimav: they are the champions of the industrial machinery sector in the glass industry and represent the finest Italian production.

If Glasstec is supposed to provide us with insightful information about the health status of our industry and take us into the forthcoming year, Vitrum 2013 is uniquely positioned to tell us whether the worst is now behind us. The coming year will allow us to show up at the Milan's event with more successful stories to our credit and with a more reassuring performance achieved on the most vital markets. And, above all, with enough enthusiasm to live this leading event to the fullest. All the omens are in place and the organizational machinery is already rolling in full swing. We will report about the progress made as well as about details of Vitrum 2013 in the next few months. However, we will keep a tight lid on surprises: they are so precious that it will be a shame to give them away too early.

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