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Sangalli Technologies: the new energy branch of Sangalli Group

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Sangalli Technologies, the engineering and service branch of Sangalli Group

Susegana,  December 10th, 2012. - In September was established  the company of Sangalli Group dedicated to provide and supply float furnaces, plants for waste heat recovery and services related to them. The target customers are indipendent glass-makers.

Starting from the experience of Sangalli Group, which over the last 10 years invested more than 300 million euro in plants and machines, the new-born Sangalli Technologies is today dedicated to provide its “know how” and the achieved experience to indipendent float glass-makers.

The range of facilities and services that Sangalli Technologies offers, is divided into two sectors: glass and energy.

Referring to the glass branch, the company can provide “turn key” float furnaces with a production capacity from 300 to 850 ton/day. The Sangalli’s float plant at San Giorgio di Nogaro can be visited by potential customers. In addition to float furnaces, Sangalli Technologies can supply feasibility studies for green field projects, technical advisory for ongoing projects, training programs (currently at Sangalli is running the training program of CBVP from Recife-Brasil), start up and production assistance.

Referring to energy branch, Sangalli Technologies address to indipendent glass makers of float glass or container glass in addition to the high energy consumption industry sectors. The company can provide “turn key” plants for waste heat recovery ORC from 100kW to 2.000kW. The first ORC-plant in the world installed in a glass factory  can be visited at Sangalli Vetro Manfredonia. Moreover, we can provide energy audit and feasibility studies (one study was conducted in 2012 for the company Vetreria Etrusca), solutions for energy efficiency for industrial environment and rewable energy integration.

Sangalli Technologies is the ideal partner that incorporates both a great knowledge of plants and a long experience in glass factory management. Nowadays it is the one and only European supplier of technology that can boast of those two experiences together. Sangalli Technologies aims to be a partner during the construction as well as during the operation of a float glass plant.

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