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Glass holds timber: UNIGLAS presents Timber-Glass-Composites facade for the first time at BAU 2013

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Montabaur, 06.12.2012 - Flexible, natural and energy efficient:  With the beginning of the new year, UNIGLAS GmbH & Co. KG will bring a new facade solution onto the market, in the form of Timber-Glass-Composites. The considerable advantages of the innovative system are in its structural diversity and the CO2 balance. At the specialist trade fair BAU 2013 in Munich, the free cooperation for insulating glass manufacturers and glass finishers will present the new solution to the public for the first time under the brand name UniGlas® | FACADE. To demonstrate, UNIGLAS will set up a 43 m² Timber-Glass-Composites facade in hall C2 at stand 330.

"With UniGlas®| FACADE we are meeting state of the art standards for environmental compatibility, energy efficiency and structural flexibility of system components", says engineering graduate Thomas Fiedler, technical director of UNIGLAS GmbH & Co. KG. The Timber-Glass-Composites technology is not only impressive due to the greatly reduced CO2 values and heat insulation; the elements can also be combined with almost any residential building components without any problems. In this way, short construction times, a high level of prefabrication and an exclusive look, can be perfectly combined with the wish for design diversity.

By using timber instead of aluminium profiles, the UniGlas® | FACADE Timber-Glass-Composites achieves a 43% reduction in CO2-values. Due to the lack of a secondary construction made of metal, the Timber-Glass-Composites elements also achieve excellent heat insulation, with U values of Ucw to 0.7 W/m2K. "Therefore, the new system solution combines the aesthetic demands of modern architecture, with noticeable energy yields", says Fiedler.

Large Timber-Glass-Composites demo facade on the trade fair stand

Apart from the optical and ecological advantages, the Timber-Glass-Composites system solution also makes the necessary contribution to the stability of the building envelope: The facade serves to strengthen the building, because the glass in the Timber-Glass-Composites takes on a static function. The bond between the glass and timber connecting rods is essential for the load bearing performance. The materials were successfully tested with various load cycles and load levels, in accordance with ETAG 002 - Structural Sealant Glazing Systems.

The small frame portion and the continually flush fitting workmanship ensure that the Timber-Glass-Composites elements have an exclusive appearance. The specialist visitors to BAU 2013 in Munich can see this for themselves: from 14 to 19 January, UNIGLAS GmbH & Co. KG will present the product UniGlas® | FACADE to the public for the first time. To demonstrate, UNIGLAS will set up a 43 m² Timber-Glass-Composites facade at stand 330 in hall C2. And even putting that aside, it is still worth visiting the trade fair stand, according to Fiedler: "The Timber-Glass-Composites will not be the only highlight that we present in Munich."

For further information go to: www.uniglas.de

Trade fair appearance in Munich focuses on ecological building - Numerous advantages of the Timber-Glass-Composites - 43 m² demo facade in hall C2 at stand 330

About UNIGLAS GmbH & Co. KG:

UniGlas® is a unique cooperation of medium sized, independent entrepreneurs in insulating glass manufacture and glass finishing, in the market sector of sheet glass, with sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Slovenia. Founded by German and Austrian companies in Frankfurt/Main in November 1995, today, UNIGLAS GmbH & Co. KG has its headquarters in Montabaur in Rhineland Palatinate.

The group of share holders consists of 22 shareholders with 24 branch offices, and around 1,500 qualified employees. The numerous operations of the UniGlas® shareholders finish sheet glass with ultra modern technologies and equipment, and offer an extensive portfolio of high quality insulating and special glasses. Each shareholder has an equal share in UniGlas®. The strength of the cooperation is particularly due to the consolidation of competence and experience, combined with a continual technical knowledge transfer between all UniGlas® partners.

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