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Guard rails provide an attractive and safe view of the games.

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Barueri Arena - São Paulo - Brazil

Aesthetics and safety were the basic premises for the specification of DuPont™ SentryGlas® structural interlayer in the guard rails of Barueri Arena, considered one of the most modern sports facilities in Brazil today.

More than a municipal soccer stadium, it is a multipurpose arena used for various entertainment and sport events.

Satio Tomita, architect of the Barueri Arena project sought to replace the original metal guard rail with a glass solution that would provide maximum visibility and safety.

DuPont™ SentryGlas® structural interlayer enabled the use of a thinner, lighter laminated glass solution, one with better impact resistance, higher transparency, and less sensitivity to moisture and other weathering effects. The laminated glass also complies with ASTM E 2353 and ASTM E 2358 standards for glass in railing systems.

Using finite element analysis, it was possible to prove that self-supporting PVB solutions would require thicker and heavier glass. In addition, SentryGlas® weathering data supported an exposed edge design, thus, enabling a total
obstacle- free view.

The post-breakage performance of SentryGlas® laminated glass increases safety and protects people below the glass from the danger of falling glass.

SentryGlas® also enabled the use of larger glass panels, meeting the required pressure loads and creating a transparent barrier around the football field.


  • Laminated Glass: 12mm tempered glass
                                  1,52mm SentryGlas®
  • Panel Dimension: 1,52 m x 1,95 m


The higher the tension, the greater the risk of glass breakage. The ASTM standard allows a maximum tension in the glass according to a specified time duration and exposure temperature.


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