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Top marks from Hegla

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With the emergence of new trade legislation in respect of CE marking, the pressure is once again on processors to manufacture to exacting standards. As the industry begins to take tentative but positive steps forward the quality standards of the market have never been more in focus.

Recognising glass processors are answerable not just to their customers but to the end user, Hegla has developed new technologies to help manufacturers accommodate new legislative measures and to make output faster yet more efficient.

With many years industry experience behind them established in the development of precision glass cutting and sorting systems, the Hegla team has introduced new laser marking technology that will help to speed up production and eliminate confusion during the production process.

The carefully designed laser capabilities enables glass to be marked automatically before it is cut. Laser marking on the cutting table ensures that the correct production data is put onto the correct piece of glass and in the right sequence.

During production the Hegla laser removes the need for marker pens with any potential ghosting completely eradicated on coated products. Additionally, if the glass has the correct address for its production route, sequencing should be simpler with coatings guaranteed to be the correct way round and cavities in the correct position in relation to the coatings.

Whether for double or triple glazed units the Hegla laser system incorporates the option to reverse-etch an image or specific data which is imperative when producing units with multiple pieces of glass.

Hegla has developed the laser technology as an item that can be retrofitted. Existing customers are now looking to invest due to the positive effect Hegla cutting automation had brought to their production departments. Many investors see the long term benefits because the reliability of the equipment combined with precision engineering is helping them to increase output more efficiently than ever before.

Generally retrofits of the Laser System will take place outside normal production hours, because in most cases companies only have one cutting table, so when fitted to new tables it becomes part of the standard installation, commissioning and training.

Steve Goble comments, "Simply, laser technology gives manufacturers more control, greater scope and helps to improve quality standards. As triple glazing gathers pace, with many installers grasping the market opportunities that will occur, Hegla is already ahead of the industry, providing reliable, new technology that will increase profit margins and give fast payback."

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