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Guardian's advanced Low E glass ClimaGuard A+ keeping you warm this winter!

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Guardian’s Low E glass ClimaGuard A+ is leaving the plant in Goole by the truck load since the new magnetron glass coating facility at Goole, East Yorkshire was fired up in October.

ClimaGuard A+ is Guardian's next generation Low E glass, which utilises a carefully calculated balance between a U value of 1.2 W/m2K and the best associated g value or solar heat gain of 71% with clear float rather than low iron glass on the outer pane.  This performance provides some of the best, economical Window Energy Rating results.  However, more important than the performance figures themselves is the durability and process ability of ClimaGuard A+.  "Getting the performance figures right was key in the products development, however ensuring its durability through the manufacturing and toughening process took far greater time, resulting in an advanced glass coating layer stack which far exceeded the durability of any of it’s predecessors at this level of performance", states Mark Bristow Guardian’s Regional Manager for the UK & Ireland

Ensuring that this durable layer stack transfered to the new Guardian coater was imperative, and Guardian are happy to say that with the advanced glass coating technology now available at the UK plant, moving the supply of ClimaGuard A+ from Luxembourg and Spain to Goole has been seamless.  Tests of ClimaGuard A+ manufactured on the new coater have been run through various customers and their processes and the results have spoken for themselves, with customers more than happy with the durability and aesthetic appearance of the final product. Guardian group companies have been manufacturing soft coated glass products for many years and with glass coating facilities worldwide, there is a wealth of experience across Guardian which can provide advice and support as Guardian move forward with the production of ClimaGuard A+ and other new products planned to start manufacturing on the line over the next 6-12 months.

Using Guardian’s advanced Low E glass ClimaGuard A+, doesn’t just provide one of the best performing Low E glasses on the market, it also entitles membership to Guardian Plus and provides access to the Guardian Plus business support and technical centre, for more information and to join Guardian Plus visit www.guardianplus.co.uk

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