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Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass

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The global move to reduce CO2 emissions and create more energy-efficient buildings has led to a rise in demand for environmentally friendly glazing products with good thermal insulation properties, for use in both the home and commercial environments.   

A common problem as a result of highly-efficient thermal insulating glass units (IGUs), is the appearance of condensation (dew) on the outer (external) pane of the glass, particularly in the spring and autumn months.


Solving the issue, Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass is designed to delay the onset of condensation on both double and triple glazing and hence improve the view through a window whilst maintaining the benefits of thermal insulation.  It works by keeping the temperature of the external glass surface warmer .

External condensation is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the external surface temperature of the glass drops below the dew point (the point where air cannot hold any more moisture). The occurrence of external condensation on windows is actually proof that the Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) are thermally-efficient and working effectively.

Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass is an on-line coated, low-e glass product manufactured on a Pilkington Optiwhite™ substrate, which is available in 4mm and 6mm thickness.

Easy to process, this glass product can be used in a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications and in combination with other thermally-efficient glass products such as Pilkington K Glass and Pilkington Optitherm™ ranges as well as in laminated formats.


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