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Systems, Packages and Specialities in the line of Wear Protection

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Kalenborn’s offerings in the field of wear protection solutions are more comprehensive than ever before. Kalenborn presents solutions for systems, packages and specialities which meet almost any requirement.Kalenborn SystemsKalenborn offers wear protection systems that exceed the pure function of simple linings. Typical examples are KALDETECT wear monitoring systems and KERAFLEX hard material rubber bonding.The KALFLEX system has been successfully proven in many practical applications.Flexible Pipe Bends with Wear Resistant CoreKALFLEX pipes are flexible pipe bends that are easily installed with normal flanging. The core elements are wear resistant segments that fit into each other. They are capable of moving in relation to each other.The system is enclosed by a rubber jacket with a fabric insert ensuring sufficient stability and tightness.Normally, the wear resistant segments consist of KALMETALL-C hard casting. Hard casting offers high resistance against wear caused by impact and sliding abrasion. The inside diameters range from 19 to 200 mm.For extreme sliding abrasion the segments can also be made of KALOCER high alumina ceramics.A wide range of inside diameters from 50 to 125 mm is available. The maximum application temperature is 110°C. The permissiblepressure range is up to 10 bar.Kalenborn PackagesKalenborn has systematically supplemented the product array offered. The different segments include complete package solutions, i.e. both for ceramic and metallic materials. Kalenborn have recently completed the range offered for KALOCER high alumina ceramics.Product Package for KALOCER High Alumina CeramicsHigh alumina ceramics are among the most widely adopted materials for abrasion protection. The material is not only characterized by an extreme hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale but also by a multitude of product shapes. Kalenborn has advanced the KALOCER product package over the years and is now capable of offering a comprehensive tool kit for most applications: Standard Tiles: Kalenborn offers standard tiles of a basic size of 100 x 150 mm and 100 x 100 mm and with a thickness of 6, 12, 25, 50, 75 and 100 mm. The tiles are available with and without holes for fastening. Mosaics: A wide range of rectangular and/or hexagonal KALOCER mosaics is offered. The thickness ranges from 1.5 mm up to 12 mm. Kalenborn is capable of supplying large quantities of mosaics from their own store. Cylinder Shapes: Kalenborn offers cylinder shapes from 40 to 500 mm inside diameter with lengths up to 300 m. The wall thickness varies between 10 and 25 mm. Cones: Cones are delivered for a variety of applications, in particular for cyclones and the vortex inserts at the cone bottom. They are offered up to 200 mm/600 mm inside diameter. The maximum length is up to 1,000 mm and a wall thickness between 10 and 25 mm. Fitted Linings: In addition to the standard elements Kalenborn is capable of supplying fitted linings for most applications. The offered lining thickness varies between 6 and 100 mm. Specific shaped elements are manufactured for larger quantities or standard shaped elements are cut to the required shape and size. Kalenborn’s Special Capabilities: Kalenborn’s specialty is a joining together of the correct material or best possible combination of materials and the optimal fastening system. To a growing extent customers are more interested in complete, well functioning solutions for their specific problem. These solutions include engineering, the supply of all materials as well as safe and reliable installation on the particular site.Kalenborn on POWTECH 2011This year’s POWTECH will be held in Nuremberg from October 11 to 13. It will be held on the well-known trade fair area. Kalenborn will be present in hall 7, booth no. 165. 09.08.2011, Kalenborn

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