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SAGE Ships Next-Generation SageGlass from New High-Volume Manufacturing Facility

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SAGE announced today it has shipped its newest generation of SageGlass® to one of its first major commercial projects for installation.      

Manufactured in SAGE’s new high-volume manufacturing (HVM) facility in Faribault, Minn., this next generation of electrochromic glass is larger and more aesthetically attractive than ever before and will be a game changer for the commercial architectural glass industry. SageGlass is electronically tintable dynamic glass that changes tint on demand to maximize daylight and outdoor views while controlling solar glare and heat gain.

The 324,000-square-foot HVM facility is capable of producing about four million square feet of dynamic glass annually, the largest electrochromic glazing plant in the world. The glass will be available in larger sizes, providing architects with greater design flexibility to incorporate electrochromic glass in commercial construction projects. The HVM facility features numerous state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and product enhancements that have enabled SAGE to set a new standard for electrochromic glazing.

One of the first commercial customers taking delivery of the new SageGlass is a U.S. government facility that needed to maximize the use of natural light while reducing glare and heat gain in a new building. This project follows another shipment for Central Indiana Ethanol (CIE), a manufacturing facility in Indiana. The new SageGlass was installed at CIE earlier this year, enabling managers at the facility to view and monitor incoming shipments of corn without obstruction from blinds or shades.

Next-generation SageGlass
The next-generation SageGlass will be available in sizes up to 5 feet by 10 feet (1.5 m by 3 m), dramatically enhancing the viewing area and architectural design possibilities for windows, curtain walls and skylights.

This version of SageGlass has many enhancements and benefits compared to SAGE’s prior generations or other versions of dynamic glass. The manufacturing process incorporates state-of-the-art laminated construction and new coatings which provide unmatched quality and consistency. These coatings give the latest generation of SageGlass electrochromic glazing improved exterior aesthetics, regardless of viewing angle and level of tint. SageGlass is available in a variety of tints, resulting in the ability to better coordinate with the rest of a building’s facade. In addition, the laminated construction results in a dynamic glass product that is significantly stronger, less vulnerable to breakage and provides superior acoustic performance. Also, SageGlass is able to rapidly transition from clear to a fully tinted state, typically in 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the project.

“We invested in the world’s best available manufacturing technologies and automation to push the innovation envelope in producing dynamic architectural glass of uncompromising quality and reliability,” said John Van Dine, SAGE CEO and founder. “It’s a product backed by more than two decades of scientific and engineering effort and over 250 patents. Opening our new advanced anufacturing facility is personally rewarding not only for the positive impact on our customers’ projects, but because of the healthy and sustainable workplace environment we are creating for our employees.”

The HVM facility is a model of green manufacturing. The building was designed to meet LEED® Silver certification, and features many innovations to improve energy efficiency as well as the health, comfort and happiness of employees.

Adds Van Dine: “We are very excited about the future of dynamic glass. We provide a complete solar control solution that helps our customers reduce energy consumption, improve the sustainability of their buildings, and create a more productive and satisfying work environment. Improving the user experience for our customers is what motivates us to continue upgrading our product offering.”

About SAGE Electrochromics, Inc.
SAGE Electrochromics is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced dynamic glass that can be tinted or cleared to optimize daylight and improve the human experience in buildings. SageGlass controls the sunlight and heat that enter a building, significantly reducing energy consumption while improving people’s comfort and well-being. SageGlass can reduce a building’s cooling load by 20% and HVAC requirements up to 30%. It is a smarter, more elegant solution than conventional sun controls such as mechanical window shades, blinds and louvers. Now celebrating its 10th year anniversary shipping commercial SageGlass, the company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered near Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn., in the heart of “the Silicon Valley of the window industry.” SAGE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain of Paris, the world’s largest building materials company.

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