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Fenzi around the world

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Nine strategically-located plants: in Belgium, Canada and Argentina, China, Russia, Poland, Denmark, and headquarters in Italy where, more than 70 years ago, it all began, with the production of mirror coatings. Fenzi is now a thriving example of Made in Italy production that spans the globe through a vast marketing and distribution network.  

And this aspect in particular has been instrumental in positioning the company -- specialists in chemicals for secondary processing of flat glass -- as a world leader in the industry.

From its very beginnings, Fenzi has had far-reaching horizons, focusing on Asia and Eastern Europe in the 1980's, while at the same time expanding into North and South America, then pushing further afield into its latest destinations: Korea and Australia. This is Fenzi’s formula for ensuring rapid delivery, immediate service and ongoing technical assistance.

This strategic network of distribution points in every corner of the world allows the company to control operations in different economic areas, based on their potential, and to stay ahead of the competition by sensing market shifts before they arise.

The Fenzi group is among the top producers of mirror coatings in the world, along with a vast range of sealants for IG units and extremely popular decorative paints for glass. What these products all have in common is the same underlying elements that make the group a benchmark enterprise for the industry -- very high quality standards in the choice of raw materials, constant investment in research for technological development, the utmost safety during the production process, and ongoing customer assistance throughout the world. Fenzi's solid presence in international markets is made even more powerful by the Glass Alliance network. Fenzi, Alu-Pro and Rolltech, the organization's three core companies, make a vast range of products for high performance IG units available to their customers, ranging from profiles in steel and special plastic materials to the most innovative flexible spacers. Customers of the network can count on the potential of the most avant garde warm edge products that are crucial for compliance with increasingly strict standards for energy savings, as well as the more traditional products whose optimized performance and ease of use have built the group's success over the years.

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