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All about the look - SunGuard High Durable Silver 70

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SunGuard High Durable Silver 70 changes the look of float glass by creating a highly reflective surface in an exceptionally neutral and transparent glass, this makes a facade appear brighter as the glass reflects and disperses the suns light.    

The Shard in London was one of the first buildings of its kind to use a type of glass similar to SunGuard High Durable Silver 70 to illuminate the facade, utilising natural daylight as the glass coating disperses the sun’s rays in different angles providing an almost diamond like appearance.

Unlike most of the coated glass from the SunGuard range, the primary function of the new High Durable Silver 70 isn’t energy saving!  With a light transmission of 70%, a solar factor of 72% and no Low E incorporated in the coating layer stack, the question could easily be asked, why? The HD Silver 70 glass is the vainest product in the SunGuard ranges, because it is all about the look!  Creating a facade which is brighter and more distinctive, allowing the architects design to take centre stage and leave an elaborate and unforgettable signature to a building.

With an external reflection of 27% and a light transmission of 70%, the HD Silver 70 dramatically increases the reflection without impairing the view through the glass. This is a new design trend which is sweeping its way across many cities, including London where the battle ensues for the most distinctive skyscraper on the sky line.

There are many applications for the new HD Silver 70, with its added durability there are applications where the glass can even be used monolithically.  The ideal applications are in double skin facades, where the HD Silver 70 characterises the building in the outer skin with solar control and thermal performance provided by the inner skin.  Alternatively, the HD Silver 70 can be used in insulating glass units fabricated with the coating on surface 2 and combined with SunGuard SuperNeutral glass on surface 3, to create a visually stunning IGU that also offers complete solar and thermal performance with a high light transmission.   The HD Silver 70 can even be supplied laminated with the coating set between the laminated panes with the PVB (surface 2), in combination with another SunGuard coating on surface 4 of the laminated pane to provide complete performance with a stunningly different aesthetic appearance.

The High Durable Silver 70 is part of the SunGuard High Durable range, offering a new selection of solar control coatings which have an advanced level of durability.  Far more robust during processing and after toughening, the SunGuard High Durable range of coated glass does not  need to be hermetically sealed into an insulating glass unit, which vastly expands the applications and projects where the new High Durable range can be used.

For more information on SunGuard High Durable and the High Durable Silver 70 visit www.guardianglass.co.uk

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