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Why glass constructions are preferred in India?

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The choices offered by glass glazing companies are numerous and, according to the specific projects, the right decisions can be made about what kind of glass to use for durability, strength and appearance.  

From time immemorial, appearance has been one of the greatest obsessions of humanity. Whether in personal looks, material possessions or natural surroundings, external facades have always been pivotal points of importance. So it is only natural that, even in the construction of buildings, appearance should play a major role.

Traditionally, architecture and construction in India has been limited to drab buildings, without any spectacular beauty. However, recent years have seen the advent of many modern techniques, such as glass construction, to improve this aspect.

Especially in the metros and IT parks of the country, it is now quite common to see high-rises with glass glazing, which have a modern and sophisticated look. A number of companies have been offering solutions in glass glazing for the Indian construction industry.

From world famous MNCs like Saint Gobain or DM Wall Systems Co. Ltd. to smaller Indian establishments, a plethora of products are being offered in this booming sector. Some of the more famous Indian establishments include Sejal Architectural Glass, Glazing Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Sai Alutek Pvt. Ltd.

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