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Softsolution invites you to Vitrum 2013

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We would like to invite you to Vitrum 2013 in Milan! Please have a look what we are going to present.  

 - Roller wave detection with LineScanner
 - We learned the LineScanner to “fly”
 - LineScanner – one solution to check glass according all quality aspects
 - Tremendous new graphical interface, especially developed for touch screen based usage and shop floor environment
 - List of all products – shown at the VITRUM exhibition

LineScanner – roller wave detection

Softsolution is releasing the latest new product – it is called LineScanner FC.

With this new LineScanner product it is possible to check glasses for distortion. Roller waves as well as front and back waves are detected and measured in highest accuracy, this industry has never seen.

This high precision and reliability is possible because Softsolution brought their LineScanner to “fly”. Instead of the glass is moving through the LineScanner, the LineScanner is “flying” over the glass.

Bumping and hopping of glass does no longer effect the accuracy. Customers can install this LineScanner on their existing lines and do not have any restrictions or do not have to confirm to non performable conditions like other fixed and camera based solutions.

With this new release, Softsolution now closed the gap. LineScanner can now be used for all quality checks according flat glass!

We learned the LineScanner to “fly”

New invention – worldwide – the flying LineScanner.

Actually all common available quality inspection systems for the flat glass industry are within a fixed position. For measuring glass and detecting any kind of distortion (roller waves), this is harming the accuracy.

Softsolution once again, stepped into a new field and patented a new way of quality inspection with LineScanner. Instead of moving glass through the “scanning process”, the LineScanner is moving and the glass is on a stable position.

This allows a tremendous new accuracy – please come to our booth and watch a flying LineScanner.

Tremendous new graphical interface

Softsolution is concentrating on customer needs. We have picked up, that using touch screens and controlling everything no longer with mouse and keyboard takes place everywhere.


According this development, we developed a complete new user interface within the LineScanner product line. Especially dedicated to touch screens with black background for easy visibility within shop floor environment.

Have a look, see the future, come to our booth!

List of all products – shown at the VITRUM exhibition
  - LineScanner vertical T – dimension + quality control
  - LineScanner vertical RFC – dimension + roller wave control
  - LineScanner horizontal TRFC – dimension + quality + roller wave control
  - CulletScanner – fragmentation test fully automatic
  - EdgeScanner – quality control for glass edge
  - VirtualDigitizing – template translation into DXF file format
Please get in contact with our sales representative in your area for more information about our product updates!

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