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Development and Properties of the Sensisplus Glass

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The idea for the Sensisplus GlassIn the last years and decades, wine glass development primarily has concentrated on finding the goblet shape that optimally brings out a specific wine to advantage, and this has brought about considerable success, providing today´s wine connoisseur with a great variety of different goblet shapes and sizes for enjoying exquisite wines.This approach, however, increasingly reaches its limits today, because a continuing differentiation of glasses not only with respect to the type of vine, but also to growing region and year, can be realised technically, but hardly can be put into practice by the individual consumer. Already since the late 1990´s Eisch has therefore been dealing with the question of how to impart an additional benefit to an “optimally” shaped wine glass.The Sensisplus GlassThe result of this research work are the Sensisplus glasses – the Eisch wine enjoyment class. Sensisplus glasses combine experience and wealth of ideas at Eisch to a characteristic interpretation of highest wine enjoyment. Experience Sensisplus and discover the wine´s true flavor.The properties of the Sensisplus GlassWine poured in Sensisplus glasses becomes harmonious and complex, with good balance and elegance. Through a completely natural process, the original character and structure of the wine are preserved. Eisch manufactures Sensisplus glasses not only for wine but also for spirits, fruit juices, sparkling water and other beverages.ReferencesRonn Wiegand, Master of Wine and Master Sommelier „Remarkable! Congratulations on a real contribution to the enjoyment of wine!”Vinum, European Wine Magazine„Breathtaking!“Land of Ideas, Competition of Innovative IdeasEisch was chosen as one of the most innovative businesses in Germany in the nationwide „Land of Ideas“ competition, held under the auspices of the German President, Mr. Horst K?hler.Product of the Year, cgta CanadaThe glasses were chosen as „Product of the Year“ by the „Canadian Gift & Tableware Association“ in 2007.Robert Parker Wine Advocate, Product LaunchThe glasses (under differentname)were first presented to the public at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Robert Parker Wine Advocate at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, in California.Questions and Answers on the Sensisplus GlassIs the decanting carafe a thing of the past now?No!Enjoying wine means much more than only drinking – enjoying wine involves social-cultural demands. It is the pleasant hours of the day that are accompanied by a glass of wine: Hours of relaxation, of "slowing down", of cooking or having dinner together with friends – all this takes place without any need to hurry, and everyone has all the time to decant the wine in the crystal carafe – it is already the preparation of the wine that is celebrated here. And beside that a crystal decanter meets aesthetic demands: It definitely makes the table more beautiful, and this alone is why it is preferable to the simple wine bottle. For all people today suffering from a lack of time, this is another possibility: Open the wine bottle – immediately serve the wine in a decanting carafe – and enjoy the wine in a Sensisplus wine glass. This will satisfy both the aesthete and the wine connoisseur!Are there Sensisplus Glasses only for wine, or also for other beverages?It is not only wine that becomes harmonious and complex in the Sensisplus glasses. Also other beverages like spirits, fruit juices or espresso reach their full potential of taste and smell in the Sensisplus glass.Does Sensisplus Glass change the chemistry of wine?There is no change of chemistry in the wine, such as for example ionisation or a change of the pH-value. The original character and structure of the wine are preserved.How are Sensisplus glasses identified?Every Sensisplus glass has this label at the goblet: as well as – and this is the really decisive feature – a sand-blasting mark at the bottomDoes Sensisplus Glass require special care?The Sensisplus Glass permanently keeps its properties. It can be treated just like any other high-quality glass and does not require any special care. Sensisplus glasses are dishwasher safe.Where can Sensisplus glasses be purchased?In most countries Sensisplus glasses are available at glass/porcelain retailers, high end wine shops as well as good online shops. 19.04.2011, Glashütte Valentin Eisch GmbH

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