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Leybold Optics to build revolutionary large-scale glass coater for SAGE′s

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Leybold Optics will install the world´s largest thin-film coating system for glass production at SAGE Electrochromic´s new high-volume manufacturing facility in Faribault, Minnesota. The record-breaking coating line will be more than 150 meters long, contain more than 200 turbomolecular pumps, and feature a new twin sputter deposition system that operates at high substrate temperatures, among other technological breakthroughs.SAGE will use the system for high-volume production of SageGlass, the world´s most energy-efficient window glass. SageGlass is an electronically tintable "dynamic" glass for use in building windows and skylights. The glass can be switched from clear to darkly tinted at the touch of a button, or programmed to respond to changing sunlight and heat conditions. This revolutionary technology significantly reduces energy consumption and associated costs. The production start is planned for late 2012.Leybold Optics is proud to be selected for this pioneering project. Once more, Leybold Optics proves to be the first mover when it comes to the conversion of new technology into industrial production equipment. The unique combination of know-how in the fields of display, photovoltaic and architectural glass coating systems provides Leybold Optics with the ideal skill for this reference installation. 15.04.2011, Leybold Optics/SAGE/glassfiles.com

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