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Stemware production kicks off in China

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Chinese glass manufacturer Chuzhou Deli Crystal Glass has just commissioned two new tableware production lines. The order comprised two Forma Glas blow moulding machines, each with 24 sections, as well as two 16-section press machines.   

The complete control system for the two production lines - from glass cutting at the feeder to the conveyor to the annealing lehr - was developed by futronic on behalf of the Austrian engineering firm.

"The equipment runs smoothly with no problems whatsoever and the customer is very happy", sums up Alexander Körner, Head of futronic's Industrial Automation division. "And the same goes for us!

The project encompassed the planning and design, software development, component manufacture and commissioning at the customer's facility. The contract for Deli Crystal Glass marked the start of futronic's extensive cooperation with Forma Glas a year ago. More projects have since been realised in its wake or are in the pipeline.

"The partnership with Forma Glas is immensely important for us", says Körner. The two companies also intend to cooperate closely in future by bundling their international sales activities. The aim is clear. Körner: "We want to further strengthen our position in the tableware market together with Forma Glass".

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