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AG Neovo Offers DR-17 Display Specifically for Dental Clinics

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Tapping the medical service industry is certainly a challenge for monitor suppliers that aim to carve out a niche beyond the mass market. AG Neovo, which supplies LCD displays and accessories to professionals as well as consumers, is up to the task by coming up with the DR-17 designed specifically for dental clinics.

Nowadays, dental clinics spare no funds in furnishing a pleasant interior environment as well as acquiring top-notch instruments to make sure that patients can feel at home while receiving the best possible treatment. With its sleek and slim metal housing, the elegantly crafted DR-17 is intended as a perfect accessory for these fine establishments both in function and form.

"A truly professional display supplier must have the capacity for giving medical professionals what they need," notes Kyd Wang, Marketing Manager of AG Neovo's Global Marketing. "Building on a hard-earned track record, AG Neovo is now offering the ultimate choice for dentists who choose nothing but the best tools and instruments."

To be installed on the dental chair, AG Neovo's new 17-inch display enables the dentist to perform inspection and treatment more efficiently. In addition to an easily adjustable handler for moving the display around, it is fitted with a five-meter-long DC power cord. These extra features provide the greatest possible flexibility of installation and operation at the clinic it is destined for.

Given the stretched length of the power cord, electrical power tends to fade significantly even before it reaches the display. As such, a DC 24V medical-grade power adaptor is adopted to ensure the DR-17's smooth operation even as it is connected to a power source some distance off.

Another special feature of the DR-17 is its video input ability, allowing the dentist to have a better look inside the oral cavity through the help of an intraoral camera. With an intraoral image clearly displayed before them, the dentist can better relay his diagnosis to the patient and discuss the treatment called for on the spot. The DR 17's video input does not necessarily require a PC; it can be connected to any other video device via the S-video or CVBS input.

As a display meant for medical professionals, the DR-17 is intended to withstand damage from constant exposure to an extremely challenging environment. Designed specifically to avoid the ingress of chemicals, contaminants, splash, dust, or other substances, it is built with AG Neovo’s proprietary NeoV™ Optical Glass technology that not only protects the screen from damage but also helps enhance display quality, durability, and viewing comfort.

"AG Neovo will want nothing less than recognition among both general users and professionals as an equally trustworthy name when it comes to displays," Wang says. "Its incessant onslaught into the medical segment of the market will go a long way toward ensuring AG Neovo a foremost place in the ranks of professional LCD companies trusted by professionals."

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