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Kilns for Glass Fusing and Bending

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This line of kilns have marked the origin, the development and the success of RCN Engineering on the worldwide glass industry.   

Fusion is an art based on the skill to combines colors and shapes. The kiln is fundamental and should guarantee stable temperature, perfect thermic insulation and process control.

Fully absolutely electrical and manufactured with high quality components, Italian or European brand, the RCN kilns do not require special service and have longer life, keeping the quality of the finished product.

The same the kilns for glass bending have been designed to distribute the heat where more needed, stressing the glass the least as possible. A good bending requires a process knowledge that RCN owns to its experience based on family company passed on generation to generation.

The six heating zones work independently one from each other to allow the correct  heat control, and the major or minor radiation of the heat according to the type of bending to be produced.

It is possible to insert several heating elements to force the slumping of those glasses having angles same as or over 90°. Shortly, in the RCN kilns every curve is possible and more.

Eco 2000 / Eco 2500 / Eco 4000

Three kiln sizes to cover every production requirements. Easy automatic opening for the model ECO 4000.

Eco 3000 / Eco 3500

Kilns with three heating sections and internal active height suitable for special bending. We are able to study any project for feasibility, for tunnel systems as well.

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