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A new foam glass-ceramic brick that can float on the water

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A foam glass-ceramic brick, developed by Nanjing University, is not an ordinary brick. It can float on the water! The foam glass-ceramic, which weighs half of the ordinary clay bricks, is made of fly ash, glass cullet and non-metallic minerals.

As a new wall material, foam glass-ceramic is produced in the similar principle to that of fermentation of flour, forming tiny foams inside at a high temperature. Although the quality is light, the mechanical strength of the glass is weaker than that of ordinary bricks, and the properties of thermal insulation and sound absorbing is very good.

"Its thermal conductivity is 1 / 3 of that of ordinary bricks, which means that it can conserve more than 70 percent of energy." It’s reported that the product is in line with the requirements of environmental protection and energy conservation, and has a broad prospect. Now, there are a few building materials manufactures and real estate developers paying visits for cooperation.

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