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North American 2011 Glass Packaging Outlook

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Reduced Footprint and Greater Appeal to Green- and Health-Conscious ConsumersLeaving a smaller environmental footprint and appealing to the health-conscious consumer were major areas of focus for the North American glass container industry in 2010—and will continue to be in 2011.The North American glass container industry made strides in 2010 to create more recycling awareness and improve recycled glass collection for bottle-to-bottle recycling. All of this helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use of raw materials, extend the life of glass manufacturing furnaces, save energy, and meet the industry’s 50% recycled content goal by 2013.In further support of the this goal, in late 2010 the industry released its first comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA), which enumerates the benefits of boosting the use of cullet, or recycled glass, in shrinking the industry’s environmental footprint. The findings of the LCA will help lay the foundation for the industry’s efforts in 2011 and beyond. 20.01.2011, The Glass Packaging Institute

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