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AGC Flat Glass Italy supports art to oppose violence against women

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PU-PI-LLA (through the looking glass), is the progect of Rauol Gilioli to oppose the violence against women     

Where:  Giardini della Reggia di Venaria- Gran Parterre – Torino
When: untill 22 settembre 2013

PU-PI-LLA (through the looking glass) 

Three tower-shaped monoliths, in three types of glass (AGC Black Pearl, AGC Mirox 3G and Planibel Linea Azzurra) offer the viewer three different levels of ‘look’, proposing the theme of ‘choice’, performed in accordance with its ability to take responsibility.

Glass, in all the works of Raul Gilioli, is a fundamental element due to its characteristics.
In this work, it become a powerful symbol of solid strength, at the same time, fragility.

It’s transparency and translucency: the tower that are being built are imprisonment, but also protection,
The Glass slabs, during the performance, will be assembled to three towers which imprisoning three female within.

Narcissus was in love with his reflection in the pond and Alice crossed the mirror, for Socrates, the pupil-la gives us the opportunity to choose: reflect or look beyond: scrutinising the soul.

Look beyond is also the Vision of the AGC group that supports with Cilvea this installation, because the Glass is an ancient material with which man can build the highest skyscrapers, but must be used with respect and responsibility. Just as the relationships between man and women.
Raoul Gilioli biography
Raoul Gilioli artist and designer from Turin completed his art studies he lived three years in Central America dedicated to research and photograph of the nomadic communities.
In April 2011, presented at Palazzo Birago "You at Mirror", installation of mirrors speakers.
The project “pu-pi-lla” follows the previous one entitled "who are you" where photographs and video installations as a mirror speakers tell the vision of our 'social-humanity' with its spasmodic need to find a place and role in the society.


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