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Cantifix To Launch The Photon Project At London Design Festival

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All at Cantifix are proud to announce that we will be launching the Photon Project at this year's London Design Festival…    

We have long thought that the biological benefits of living within healthy glass structures have not been fully explored - and we wanted to establish a more direct link between natural light and wellbeing. For the last four years we’ve been working away behind the scenes to initiate the Photon Project - a scientific study into the biological effects of daylight and living under glass.


We have teamed up with a scientific research team from Oxford University - led by Professor of Circadian Neuroscience, Russell Foster. Together we will conduct a four-year study that will involve 300 participants spending time in Photon Pods - 30m2 all-glass living enclosures, and will analyse how an increase in natural light affects these occupants' health, wellbeing, mood and behaviour.

Ultimately we want to discover how living under glass can transform existing buildings and create new environments - in order to improve the living and working conditions of millions of people across the globe.

Cantifix has developed a specification for the innovative 'healthy' glazing used on the Pod - designed to allow the optimum amount of natural daylight into the interior, whilst still delivering the insulation and solar control required to provide a comfortable environment. Over the course of the Photon Project this glazing will be developed using the latest nano-coatings - towards a surface that responds intuitively to individuals and climatic stimulus, changing colour and transparency for shading and privacy.

We’re launching the Photon Project with an event at the London Design Festival - from 14th to 22nd September 2013. We’ll be building a prototype Photon Pod in the courtyard of the Building Centre in Store Street, WC1. The event will feature sunrise and sunset experiences, presentation and discussion sessions – and will allow the public to get a taste of 'life under glass'.

Visit the Photon Project website to learn more about the launch event or to read our frequently asked questions.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming involved in the Photon Project, email us at

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