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GGF's Fire Resistant Glazing Group Unveils New Fire Safety Campaign

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Following a series of concerns with fire safety glazing systems the GGF Fire Resistant Glazing Group has developed a five point code of core governing principles for all glass and glazing system products that have the stated purpose for safety in case of fire, as follows.   

1) The glazed element - as designed and specified to be installed, including named components - must be tested as an applicable system, under scrutiny by a notified test body according to approved common test standards.

2) The system as installed must faithfully follow the relevant approval, based on either test or assessment referred to applicable and suitable test evidence, carried out by an accredited notified body.

3) The main components (e.g. glass and sealants) of the glazed system must be produced to a defined individual product specification including the key individual product properties, confirmed by the manufacturer.

4) The manufacturer must be able to demonstrate that they operate the appropriate production quality control system to consistently meet that defined specification.

5) The scope of application of the proposed glazed system must be backed up by properly constituted independent third party certification schemes, including the necessary provision for product independent auditing if necessary.

The FRGG has been working hard in the background to develop and establish these principles as the Group continues its commitment to the development and advancement of best practice in the manufacture, testing, specification, application and installation of fire-resistant glazed systems. The Group has many concerns, including failure to follow GGF’s best practice guidance, weak compliance with regulations, the use of untested substitute systems reductions in the level of protection, and the employment of engineered solutions that aren’t adequately validated.
With their concerns over responsibility, risk and safety, the FRGG is also seeking Government, fire sector and industry support and endorsement for its five core principles.
Chairman of the Fire Resistant Glazing Group, Kevin Hulin of Mann McGowan commented “The FRGG believe that whilst industry is capable of policing itself, there does need to be government and industry support for adherence to these principles in order for this to be effective. Working with the GGF and GK Strategy, we are actively seeking support and endorsement of these principles so together we can create a safer and more stable built environment.”
For further information on the GGF’s Fire Resistant Glazing Group please contact Russell Day, Secretary of the Fire Resistant Glazing Group by email rday@ggf.org.uk or by telephone 020 7939 9114.

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