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Sky Tower

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When Armin Fuchs and Franz Janz designed the impressive Sky tower, they faced the typical architect's dilemma: How to create a modern glass-covered landmark without turning it into an unbearable sauna during summer. Together with the Romanian team that supported the project, the solution was found in the latest generation of SunGuard solar protective products from Guardian Glass.       


PROJECT AUTHORS: arh. Armin FUCHS, arh. Franz JANZ I CO-AUTHORS: arh. Mihai Sorin Eugen EFTENIE, arh. Mihaela MUSCALIUC, arh. Ioana BARBANTAN, arh. Vlad EFTENIE

TEXT BY: Reka Tugui I PHOTOS BY: Andrei Creanga

The recently completed Sky Tower office building, currently the tallest construction in Bucharest, is more than a new landmark of the Capital's urban landscape. It also establishes new standards for the representation of companies who aim to build a solid public image. The building's 37 floors have managed to redefine the city's skyline, at the same time offering a modern view on the world of comfort and energy saving.

Located in the Northern part of Bucharest, more specifically, in the Floreasca area, in a multifunctional complex that has already become an important spot on the Capital's business map, the building presents itself as a spectacular urban element and a focal point for several of the city's major trajectories.

Austrian architects Armin Fuchs and Franz Janz, together with Baumarc architecture team, succeeded in creating a simple yet dramatic architectural silhouette, a project that corresponds to the highest technological standards. The elliptical building has a vertical structure made up of transparent, translucent and opaque elements that create a dramatic visual effect, at the same time marking a certain functional zonation and a set of sustainabilityrelated requirements.

The Sky Tower's glass façade meets complex technical requirements in order to obtain improved comfort for the users with lower energy consumption. The metallic elements blend harmoniously with the different SunGuard glass elements that are all state-of-the-art in reflecting a major part of the sun's heat. Unlike traditional products this innovative glass helps to keep the building cooler, making it more pleasant to work there, while significantly saving on air-conditioning installation and running costs. The Architects have combined different colors and reflection grades of SunGuard glass in a creative way. Slightly reflective SunGuard HP Bright Green 40/29 that thanks to its color rendering index of over 95% has a neutral color from the inside out; neutral-bluish SunGuard SuperNeutral 51/28 glass, with a high level of transparency; the whole design of the Sky Tower is impressively combined with white matte glass, which allows the light to enter as if through a curtain (serigraphy on clear float glass with an over 60% coverage percentage).

This game of vertical elements ends in a neutral, slightly grey-tinted area, which elegantly connects the building to the infinity of the sky. For this area, where the Sky Tower is exposed to excessive solar heating, SunGuard SuperNeutral 40/23 was chosen This product combines a powerful solar heat reflection with a high level of light transmission, which makes it an ideal solution for office buildings.

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