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Dow Corning and Silicone Sealants Help Global Architectural Projects Reach Unprecedented Heights

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MIDLAND, Mich.: Around the globe a race is on to shape city skylines with ever-taller and more grandiose buildings. Today, at least 36 occupied buildings tower more than 1,000 feet, a height generally considered “super-tall,” and dozens more are under construction or being planned. Some of the most iconic super-tall buildings are testaments not only to the architects and engineers that design and build them, but also to the versatile silicone sealants used in their construction.

“Architects often specify silicone sealants for their projects because they accommodate the integration of a wide range of materials into their designs and allow for greater overall design flexibility,” said Ricky Neoh, Global Building Projects Major Market Leader, Dow Corning Corporation.

Silicone sealants perform well under the stress of UV radiation, extreme heat and cold, and acid rain, as well as natural disasters or even security threats Dow Corning construction experts work with architects and engineers from the early planning phase through the completion of the building to select products tailored for the type of building and its environment. Dow Corning’s technical support for major building projects includes the ability to test aspects of the engineering and design, such as how the building will stand up to extreme conditions such as gale force winds or drastic temperature fluctuations.

“We deliver state-of-the-art silicone technology as well as the know-how and expertise to transform an architect’s vision from the drawing board and deliver a project that will stand the test of time,” said Neoh.

Currently, a number of iconic super-tall buildings are being built with Dow Corning silicone sealants.

• Northeast Asia Trade Tower (Songdo, South Korea) – The first commercial office building constructed within Songdo International Business District, the Northeast Asia Trade Tower (NEATT) is the landmark of this planned city and represents Korea’s entry into the super-tall building era. Started in 2006, the building features an extensive glass façade that is structurally bonded with Dow Corning silicone sealants and will provide inhabitants with views of Songdo’s Central Park and the Yellow Sea. This project was among those discussed at a recent global industry forum Dow Corning is convening on super-tall buildings in South Korea.

• Burj Dubai (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) – Already the tallest man-made structure on the planet, Burj Dubai’s unique design is inspired by Islamic architecture and a native lily plant. Its glass exterior will measure nearly 900,000 square feet and is being firmly bonded to the building’s frame with Dow Corning structural glazing sealant. Throughout this project, Dow Corning has worked closely with its structural engineers to ensure the building can withstand the region’s high winds, one of the biggest challenges for super-tall buildings.

• One Bryant Park (New York City, New York) – The first high-rise office building to strive for a U.S. Green Building Council “platinum” designation, One Bryant Park uses high ceilings and translucent insulating glass in floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize daylight and energy efficiency in the building. Its highperformance glass curtain wall is being constructed with Dow Corning silicone sealants, which will help the skyscraper achieve the architect’s goal to build one of the most highly efficient and environmentally friendly buildings in the world.

To learn more about the how structural silicone sealants from Dow Corning are changing the face of the world’s cities, download “Lasting Innovation: 20 Years of Structural Silicone Glazing Success.”

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