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Fenzi at GlassBuild America 2013

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The complete line of high-performance I.G. sealants developed by Fenzi, leading manufacturer of chemicals for secondary glass processing, will be on display at the Atlanta exhibition. By way of its North America subsidiary, Fenzi will be showcasing its top-of-the-line products at the American event in September.   

Among these, Thiover -- the polysulphide, two-part sealant meeting the most advanced ecocompatibility standards -- will enjoy pride of place, also because its use grants LEED® points. Thiover sealants ensure extraordinary performance in IG units in terms of thermal insulation, are totally solvent-free, do not contain any harmful ingredients, feature excellent mechanical properties and extremely low permeability to water and gas. Moreover, they are also compatible with all spacers and with most of the materials used in IG glass. Because of all of these distinctive features, Thiover has found wide acceptance on the US market. Another show-stopper will be Hotver 2000, a hot-melt one-part sealant with top-notch physical-chemical properties that ensure easy processing, optimal resistance to low and high temperatures and perfect adhesion; and Butylver, a PIB sealant for the primary seal of I.G, today also available as Butylver TPS (thermoplastic spacer for Bystronic® applicators) and Butylver SS (sealant for flexible spacers).

Fenzi sealants perfectly complement the products developed by the international Glass Alliance network (comprising the Fenzi Group, Alu-Pro and Rolltech), that markets everything high-performance insulating glass production requires. These products include the new generation Chromatech spacers, developed by Rolltech and Alu-Pro, among which also Chromatech Ultra, the hybrid spacer made of stainless steel and special hi-tech plastic compounds that grant this innovative warm edge profile its excellent resistance, high insulation and extremely low thermal transmission properties.

Fenzi will also be displaying its flagship products, such as the Duralux line of mirror coatings, the first Fenzi product marketed in the USA in 1979. The Duralux line fits virtually any need, from the most traditional up to the most sophisticated copper-free and zero-lead technology.

Last but not least, the focus will also be on Decover, an extensive range of cold paints for large decorative glass sheets, engineered for interior design and furnishing of private homes, offices and shops. Thanks to the wide range of results that can be achieved, these paints are increasingly more sought after in the American market.

All the latest new entries by Fenzi at GlassBuild America 2013: Hall B2 - stand 1135.

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