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Asociación Mexicana de Envase y Embalaje awards 47 containers manufactured by Vitro

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The Company obtained the main award “Stellar Container” for the categories of Food and Security; Vitro reaffirms its total commitment to fulfill and exceed the needs of its customers in the market    

The Asociación Mexicana de Envase y Embalaje (AMEE, Mexican Containers and Packaging Association) awarded 47 prizes to glass containers manufactured by Vitro for the food, beverages, carbonated beverages, wine, liquors, beer, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries during its XXVIII annual Contest “Stellar Container and Packaging”. The ceremony was held in the Centro de Exposiciones Banamex in Mexico City as part of “Expo Pack México 2013”.

Of these 47 awards, the maximum distinction given to the container Aceitunas Mediterraneas Gourmet 2 KG (Gourmet Mediterranean Olives 2KG) stands out, being considered one of the two best containers of the Contest obtaining the highest score given by the jury. Likewise, the container Salsa Herdez 12 OZ was also awarded the recognition of stellar container in the Safety category, which refers to the protection of the bottled product, consumer convenience, and opening & closing ease.

“Each year we are very pleased to be present in Expo Pack and specially in the award ceremony of the Stellar Container and Packaging contest, because many of the containers produced by Vitro are award-worthy. To this testimony received from AMEE, we also add the ones constantly given to us by our clients, who trust us to face the design challenges for their products and achieve their full satisfaction”, expressed Jesús Zubiría Luque, VP Glass Containers.

The “Stellar Container and Packaging” Contest distinguishes those products that had an outstanding participation in categories like protection and conservation of contents, easiness in handling, market appeal, graphic design, production quality, and environmental protection, among others.

This year, 122 containers from different companies entered the contest, including those from Vitro, which contended in the food, beverage, health and beauty, household products, and display categories.

“The recognitions achieved motivate us to keep Vitro at the vanguard in fundamental factors of our job, such as the innovation and development of cutting-edge technology for the production of containers with added value, analyzing market trends, and developing new proposals that anticipate the needs of our clients and final consumers”, commented Zubiría.

According to Roberto Romero Sámano, VP Commercial for Vitro’s Glass Containers business unit, the Company has the necessary tools to provide its clients attractive and functional solutions that turn into winning proposals.

“This is because we have a comprehensive approach in our departments for Market Intelligence, Sales, Marketing and Operations, which represent a competitive advantage for Vitro as a group, offering a comprehensive service that goes from the design of the container up to the commercialization of the final product”, he explained.

He added that the company has Design Centers located in Mexico City, Toluca, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, with the purpose of giving advice and excellent services to its clients for the development of new containers in all of its stages, from conception to shipping. Using modern infrastructure and advanced design platforms, a team of experts transforms clients’ ideas into attractive and innovative containers.

Vitro has developed added-value solutions for product engineering, such as the structural analysis through which the life cycle of the product and its performance is determined, based on variables such as weight, impact and pressure, which allow to reduce response times and costs. Hence, the Company can competitively offer products with non-conventional colors and non-conventional finishes not easily obtained in the market, as well as products with complex forms.

“In addition to manufacturing containers that satisfy the needs of each product, enhancing their distinctive characteristics, in Vitro we have been concerned in developing sustainable products; we proudly work with a material that is 100% recyclable and contributes to tomorrow’s generations inheriting a cleaner world, thus becoming a tool for our clients that helps them consolidate and maintain their leadership in the market”, he concluded.

Since 1985, the Asociación Mexicana de Envase y Embalaje annually holds this event that acknowledges the creativity and innovation of the participating containers, granting a special award to the best container in each category, taking into consideration: applied technology, sustainability of the container, and the appeal it has for consumers. Through the years in which this “Stellar Container and Packaging” contest has been held, Vitro has been present and has been invariably recognized by its containers, in different categories and many of its designs have also won international awards. “EXPO PACK México” is the leading event in bottling, packaging, and processing technology for Mexico and Central America.

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