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Hakahana Industries Launches Hakahana Chemicals to Supply Silica Sand Products to Tses Glass

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Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd, a premier industrial company formed by the community of Hakahana in Windhoek to develop, market, and manufacture innovative industrial products for the construction and agricultural related products, has been awarded... a 15-year Contract by Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd to supply silica sand products for the Tses Glass Manufacturing Factories in Tses, Namibia.    

In order to meet the needs as the exclusive supplier of Silica Sand to Tses Glass, Hakahana Industries has established Hakahana Chemicals (Pty) Ltd, as a separate company exclusively for the mining and manufacturing of silica sand and related products in Namibia. Silica Sand is one of the primary ingredients for the container glass, float glass, insulation, textile fiberglass, landscaping, foundry casting molds/cores, golf bunkers and topdressing industry as well as other products as fillers and extenders.

"We are pleased to have the privilege and the opportunity to develop this company and supply high quality silica sand products to Tses Glass as well as supply to other industrial manufacturers in Namibia and the world." States Valde Haimbodi, Co-founder and Managing-Director of Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd.

As a manufacture of Silica Sand Products, Hakahana Chemicals plans to be the preferred supplier and serve a variety of industrial uses including: golf course maintenance, building materials, sandblasting, artificial turf infill products, concrete paver installation, swimming pool plaster sand, swimming pool pebble finish, landscaping, volleyball courts, and oil industry sand in the SADC and around the world.

"Hakahana Industries is a group of people from the community of Hakahana, a suburb of Windhoek, Namibia. And this group has come together under the mentorship of Mr. Simon Kapenda, to setup and develop this company in order to do something for ourselves; to come out of our current living standard of the life in the Kambashus and hopefully move into better homes. We have a great privilege to associate ourselves with Tses Glass and their expert professionals for our own sake and we thank them for that. "Exclaim Mr. Nive Lumona, Director, Co-founder, and Chairman of Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd.

Tses Glass is being developed in Tses, Namibia to have all four separate manufacturing plants in a single location in Tses, Southern Namibia; starting out with a 250 tons per day Container Glass Plant, 600 tons per day Float Glass Plant, 350 tons per day Tableware Glass Plant, and 200 tons per day Ultrathin Glass Plant, making it the largest dynamic glass manufacturing hub in the world. The construction of the Tses Glass Container Glass by Germany-based Heye International GmbH will start in May 2014.

About Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd
Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd is a Namibia-based company, which was established by the community of the Hakahana in Windhoek out of the Simon Kapenda's Meetup Series on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. The Company focuses on developing, marketing, and manufacturing innovative industrial products for the construction and agricultural related products that aim to improve the well-being of the people.


Contact Information
Mr. Valde Hambodi, Managing-Director
Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd
Phone: +264-81-211-9810
Email: haimbodivalde@gmail.com

Mr. Nive Lumona, Chairman
Hakahana Industries (Pty) Ltd
Phone: +264-81-218-7635
Email: nivegola@yahoo.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hakahanaindustries

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