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The issue of a national standard for glass fiber-reinforced plastic jacking pipe

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The GB/T21492-2008, drafted by Wuhan University of Technology, Beijing Composite Material Co., Ltd. and China Composites Industry Association, will be implemented on September 1, 2008.

Glass fiber-reinforced plastic jacking pipe (short for GRP Jacking pipe) is a product developed on the basis of GRP pipe to adapt to the trenchless jacking method underground. Since 1999, the GRP Jacking pipe has been used in important municipal projects of Xi’an, Changsha, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Guangdong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and so on, with more than 30,000m of total length, and runs well with over 3-8 application value. In particular, the 2004 Guangzhou pipe jacking project set a record of the longest jacking length of a single crater in 236m and the 69m/d jacking length of DN2500.

Due to the advantages of low jacking pressure, high-precision jacking, lightweight, corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction resistance of the inner wall, long service life and etc., the GRP Jacking pipe is more widely used. However, as there is no domestic or foreign standard for GRP Jacking pipe, it restricts the development of GRP Jacking pipe to some extent, and the quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, the issue of GB/T21492-2008 will play an important role in regulating the design and the production of GRP Jacking pipe, assuring the safety and the cost-effectiveness of GRP Jacking pipe projects, and creating a better technical condition for the development of GRP Jacking pipe.

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