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Innovation from Sapa Building System pushes boundaries of sustainability

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The most cost-efficient aluminium Passivhaus window on the market is now available from Sapa Building System, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient aluminium building system solutions.  

Avantis 95 is a state-of-the-art window system which has been certified as Passivhaus compliant by both IFT Rosenheim and the Passivhaus Institute; the internationally acknowledged standard for sustainable architecture, developed in Germany.

The product is one of the slimmest Passivhaus windows on the market, creating a sleek, contemporary look that balances performance with design while still being inherently robust, allowing vent weights of up to 170kg. It is available in a wide range of applications; turn, tilt and turn, bottom hung and fixed as well as a wide range of colours (including dual-colour).

Its outstanding performance includes water tightness to a stunning 1950 Pascals, over three times greater than the maximum level within current European standards, and a Uw of 0.8 W/m2k achieved with triple glazing Ug 0.7 W/m2k (1.23m x 1.48m TBT), making it one of the highest performing aluminium windows on the market. The Avantis 95 meets class 4 (air), class E1950 (water) and class C5 (wind load).

While 20,000 Passivhaus dwellings have been created in mainland Europe, it is still an emerging concept in the UK, with relatively few projects completed. There is huge potential for growth, especially in light of a move towards more comprehensive energy efficiency targets for buildings.

Crispin Jedrzejewski, windows and doors product manager at Sapa Building System, said: ‘The Sapa design team has created a window that not only meets the highest standards set out under Passivhaus, but that also has slim, aesthetically pleasing sight lines. This combination of performance and design means the Avantis 95 is ideal for architecturally lead projects where high levels of energy efficiency are specified.

‘It assists with the construction of buildings with very low energy consumption and offers high comfort in extreme conditions. Indeed, recent tests highlighted extremely low air filtration of 0.18m3/hm2, which is ten times better than the most stringent European test requirements.’

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