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Pleotint’s Suntuitive Glass Interlayer Receives 2013 Glass Magazine Award

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Pleotint, LLC, announced that its Suntuitive glass interlayer has received a 2013 Glass Magazine Award in the category of “Most innovative commercial window.”  

“We are honored to receive this award,” said Curtis Liposcak, president of Pleotint. “It not only establishes the Suntuitive interlayer as a unique solar control product, but also recognizes its potential for the commercial glazing market. There are many deserving products in the marketplace, and we are thrilled that our industry colleagues determined the most innovative commercial window incorporated our Suntuitive interlayer.”

Pleotint’s Suntuitive product is North America’s first commercially available window interlayer for laminated glass that gradually darkens in response to rising temperatures caused by direct sunlight, then cools as the sun moves across the sky, returning to a clear, neutral state in cloudy or dark environmental conditions.

Because of its ability to passively adapt to direct sunlight, the Suntuitive interlayer can optimize indoor comfort, views and daylighting, while blocking heat generated from sunlight, glare, and ultraviolet light, reducing the need for obtrusive window shades or other sun-blocking devices. When paired with low-emissivity glass in an insulating glass unit, the Suntuitive interlayer also helps building and home owners significantly reduce heating-, cooling-, and lighting-related energy costs.

Unlike other dynamic glazing systems, the Suntuitive interlayer requires no electrical or mechanical intervention, effectively eliminating threats of failure caused by faulty wiring, poor electrical connections, broken circuits or temperamental computer systems. Installation of windows with Suntuitive interlayer is the same as other traditional window systems.

To determine winners, the Glass Magazine staff submitted nominations to a panel of judges, representing all areas of the glass industry, who select the winner in each category. The awards recognize the best products and glass applications in 15 categories in the commercial, retail, and fabrication markets.

For more information on Pleotint or the Suntuitive interlayer, please visit About Pleotint, LLC Pleotint, LLC, is the world’s top innovator in continuously variable, sunlight responsive tinting interlayer for use in adaptive window glazing. Pleotint produces the thermochromic self-tinting interlayer by extrusion in its Jenison, Mich., facility. Pleotint is a privately held company. For more information, visit Pleotint’s Suntuitive glass interlayer earned the 2013 Glass Magazine Award for “most innovative commercial window.” Windows featuring the Suntuitive interlayer passively adapt to direct sunlight,  optimizing comfort, views and daylighting, while blocking heat generated from sunlight, glare, and  ultraviolet light without the use of electrical or mechanical intervention.

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