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Apply for the NEW Demonstration Promotion Program and Get A Sneak Peek at Lisec’s Exhibit

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Do you have a demonstration that you would like featured at GlassBuild America? We want to hear all about it.      

NEW THIS YEAR! GlassBuild America is offering exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their products on the show floor with interactive demonstrations.  Three levels of participation are available; click here for the complete details and to apply today! The deadline has been extended to July 12 so don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of all the promotion GlassBuild America is offering you!

Exhibitor Spotlight: Lisec

This week we caught up with Bob Quast of Lisec and he gives us a preview of what you’ll see in September at the Lisec exhibit at GlassBuild America 2013.  Be sure to visit them in Booth #1635.

Road: Lisec is always innovating with new machinery, what is your newest piece and what makes it stand out?

Bob Quast:

Lisec’s Fly-Over Glass Loading System.

The “fly-over” loading system - At glasstec in Düsseldorf we introduced the “fly-over” glass loading system. It is smarter and faster than current loading systems and provides glass loading and remnant plate handling in one system.


LIsec’s Horizontal Washing Machine.

The Lisec HWM horizontal washing machine – HWM is perfect for companies that have a horizontal production lay-out.  The HWM great for float glass with a wide array of sensitive coatings as well as other applications.


LIsec’s Low Pressure Autoclave.

Low Pressure Autoclave – Our laminated glass lines can now be equipped with a low pressure autoclave achieving excellent results.

Smart Buffer’s – Our glass handling logistic systems features new smart buffer solutions for an optimized production flow.

Road: Lisec has been around a very long time, what do you think are the biggest advancements that glass machinery and equipment has made over the last few decades?

BQ: Definitely one of the biggest advancements was going from horizontal production to vertical production.  That coupled with the move over the years to highly automated solutions has really influenced the industry.   Lisec has led the way in the move towards vertical production and automation with long-lasting high quality machines working with a high degree of automation and precision.”

Road: Lisec always has a memorable display at GlassBuild and we’re thrilled to have you back again this year.  What are the plans for this years exhibit?

BQ: We should be giving a preview in one of the upcoming publications, outside of that you will just have to come and see – but as always it will be an impressive display.”

Road: We’re now halfway through the calendar year… how has 2013 treated Lisec so far and what do you project for the industry for the 2nd half of this year and beyond?

BQ: After a strong 2012 we continue to see strength into 2013.  Our customer’s continue to streamline their businesses, increase the range of their product offerings and shift their fabrication facilities to fully automated solutions.  Customers are increasingly looking towards Lisec as part of their strategic business plan.”

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