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Free acoustic calculator attracts hundreds of new members to Guardian Plus

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The Guardian Plus Technical Centre has proved to be a priceless asset across the Glass and Glazing Industry, providing instant answers to technical enquiries and questions.      

Based on a keyword search facility, which scans hundreds of technical documents relating to glass and glazing, the Guardian Plus Technical Centre answers even some of the most obscure of technical questions.  Taking this further the Guardian Plus Technical Centre provides a PDF download option associated to your enquiry which not only answer the question but can be passed on to customers or consumers alike to help support the position of the Guardian Plus member.  Since launching Guardian Plus at the end of last year the Guardian Plus membership has grown with over 850 members and more joining on a daily basis.  Guardian have also had over 15,000 unique visitors to the new website with over 8000 documents and technical notes downloaded over the last 8 months.  The Guardian Plus Technical Centre is becoming a key tool for any business involved in the glass or glazing industry and it’s free to join.

One of the key features of the Guardian Plus technical centre is the acoustic table which enables customers to get instant acoustic performance certificates for over 470 glass and glazing configurations.  The new acoustic table has been very carefully designed and tested by Guardian and Guardian Plus members to ensure it meets the exacting needs of our industry; the result is one of the most useful tools for acoustic calculations available!  The table can be filtered to find the acoustic performance or glass / IGU configuration to suit you and your customers needs.  As an example; you can search an Rw (db) rating of 38, refine the results in the table to match the most viable selection of glass or IGU configurations and then print the results on the page.  You can then associate a price to each unit option which meets the required acoustic performance and once your customer has made a decision on the right unit and price, print the certificate for that configuration and send it to your customer, all in a matter of minutes!  There are many other ways to use the acoustic table to suit your business needs, but the best way by far is to try it for yourself!  Join Guardian Plus today and see how the Technical Centre and other Guardian Plus benefits can help streamline your business. Visit

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