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Agr to demonstrate latest equipment at drinktec

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Agr International, Inc. will exhibit a wide range of products designed for the measurement and quality management of beverage containers at the 2013 drinktec show. Of particular interest at this year’s show will be two key featured products:  

The Process Pilot® automated blowmolder management system is a unique product that interfaces with the blowmolder to provide precise material thickness distribution management on PET bottles while offering hands-off blowmolder control. With the trend towards ever lighter bottles, the Process Pilot system offers bottle producers the ability to aggressively light weight bottles to the absolute minimum while providing the confidence that material is distributed appropriately, with proper thickness in all critical areas, on every bottle produced. The Process Pilot system operates very similar to the auto-Pilot in an aircraft. Once set to the defined recipe, it continually adjusts the blowmolder to maintain precise thickness distribution as the process changes throughout the day due to environmental and preform variations. The Process Pilot system makes it possible to produce consistent high-quality bottles on a 24/7 basis. Some of the benefits this product offers in addition to improved light weighting capabilities include: elimination of the need for section weights, reduced scrap, improved overall bottle performance and quality, and lower incidences of downtime in the blowing operation and the filling line. The Process Pilot system is particularly suited for blow-fill operations where bottle quality is critical and downtime is costly.

The Dimensional Sampling Gauge is a vision-based dimensional measuring system specifically designed for the precision measurement of glass, plastic or aluminum bottles. The Dimensional Sampling Gauge provides repeatable and comprehensive measurement of critical bottle dimensions including weight, push up and ID, and is compatible with a wide range of container shapes and sizes. The DSG system can work unattended to perform a number of critical measurements, offering a cost-effective alternative to the tedious hand measurement of bottles. Configurations are available for automated laboratory applications or along the production line as part of an automated sampling station.

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