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Regency Glass Investment

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As part of a planned upgrade in glass processing machinery, Regency Glass Ltd, Lancs, have installed a new and specially customised Ashton Industrial automatic arrissing and edge deletion line.            

This SEAMMAXX-PRO line is a bespoke project, engineered to fit into the current flow of production at Regency Glass. The factory footprint  called for a unique straight line layout which has been achieved with a very clever high-speed 90° pivoting transfer conveyor that turns at the same time as the glass, between the two arrissing stations. So the glass is turned, but the flow direction remains the same.

We also needed  the glass to turn around an outside corner to head towards the tempering  oven, and we needed it vertical to make use of an existing washing  machine. ASHTON solved both problems with a single solution: a high speed tilting conveyor that accepts each glass from the second arrissing  station, tilts it to the vertical, and conveyors it off sideways to the  vertical washer.

Other key features are integrated laser logo  marking of the toughening stamp and simultaneous edge deletion of our high performance coated glass at the same time as the arrissing process, so no extra cycle time.  SEAMMAXX-PRO is a key piece of equipment for us, designed to maximise speed and quality of processing in readiness for the installation of our new toughening furnace later in the year.

Company  Director Wayne Fitzmartin commented “Regency Glass always selects state of the art equipment and the SEAMMAXX-PRO fits in with our commitment to top quality machinery. Production is up in terms of speed and quality as our high performance glass is handled automatically with more  accuracy and consistent quality”.

Wayne adds “The right arrissing line  was important in view of our future investments. Soft coat glass is key in reaching ever lower U-Values and the new glass types we are using all  require edge deletion. The SEAMMAXX-PRO gives us a 3rd output for edge  deletion with high speed and efficiency.

The ability of Ashton Industrial to design and install high-tech solutions which compliment our existing set-up was essential and coupled with their experience and  reputation, our decision to choose the SEAMMAXX-PRO was a real ‘no-brainer.’”

By Steve Massey (stevemassey@regencyglass.co.uk)
Contact: Regency Glass Ltd. Leigh, Lancs.
01942 262162

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