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Viracon Introduces VUE-30, A Low-Emissivity Coating

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VUE-30 Offers Superior Solar Performance and Endless Design Possibilities - Viracon, the nation’s leading single-source architectural glass fabricator, announces the latest coating in its wide array of products.   

A high-performance glass coating, VUE-30 offers architects and designers superior visible light transmittance relative to the solar heat gain performance.    

VUE-30 meets both the aesthetic and energy-performance requirements of today’s design environment. The percentage of light through the glass allows designers to maximize window-to-wall ratios, while its performance exceeds both those of other coatings in its industry and current domestic energy code requirements – including ASHRAE 90.1 requirements for sustainable design.

When VUE-30 is applied to a ¼” (6mm) clear substrate, the performance provides a solar heat gain coefficient of .18 and a visible light transmittance of 31%.    The result is a superior light to solar gain ratio of 1.72.  The Department of Energy’s Federal Technology Alert publication of the Federal Energy Management Program views an LSG of 1.25 or greater to be Green Glazing/Spectrally Selective Glazing.

VUE-30 also balances natural light provision and solar performance with reducing potential internal and external glare. Its levels of interior – 20% – and exterior – 19% – reflectivity are especially low given the 1.72 light-to-solar gain ratio.

“We’re proud to introduce a product that allows architects and designers to meet and exceed ever-tightening energy codes, without sacrificing their artistic visions,” says Kevin Anez, Director of Marketing and Product Management at Viracon. “VUE-30 reflects our commitment to addressing the very latest needs in the industry.”

VUE-30 offers designers great aesthetic flexibility. Available on any Viracon glass substrate, it can also be combined with silk-screen patterns or digital printing, allowing for virtually limitless visual possibilities.  

About Viracon, Inc.
Viracon, the nation’s leading single-source architectural glass fabricator, is based in Owatonna, Minnesota, and has facilities in Statesboro, Georgia, St. George, Utah and Nazaré Paulista, Brazil. Viracon produces high-performance glass products, including tempered, laminated, insulating, silk-screened, digital printing, and high-performance coatings, for North American and international markets. The company is a subsidiary of Apogee Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: APOG). Apogee, headquartered in Minneapolis, is a leader in technologies involving the design and development of value-added glass products and services.

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