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Project Focus – Top Gear Live

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Top Gear Live brings stunts and road tests to an arena audience.  For a grand finale, Top Gear wanted to create a car capable of disappearing during a spectacular driving sequence and incorporate a convertible roof to facilitate stunts.     

Smartglass were approached to create a car exterior to make Top Gear’s vision a reality.


This exciting and remarkable project deftly demonstrates our enthusiasm for expanding the range of privacy glass specifications and pushing the boundaries of its application.


When Privacy Smartglass was switched ‘on’ the body of the car went transparent, but when switched ‘off’, the smart glass turned opaque immediately to complete the illusion.


“Smartglass International were a great partner working meticulously with me to develop the car panels required for this unique hyper car and proved to be the perfect solution to a problem no one thought they’d ever have; how do I turn my car see through?”

Rowland French – Top Gear Live Shows

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