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GlasPro Flooring & Stairs-Quality Is The First Step

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With over fifty years experience in glass flooring fabrication, GlasPro has the technology and expertise to execute cutting edge designs in high-quality flooring and stair systems.     

We specialize in producing custom floors and stairs which are as  beautiful as they are durable. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, GlasPro is able to combined carved and non-slip ceramic surfaces with a variety of colors, textures and translucencies to create a look that is perfect for each  space while providing all the strength and safety features required.

Chen Residence, Malibu California - Acid-etched, cast glass panels are used as both stair treads and as the surface of catwalks that crisscross throughout the property. Custom carved and laminated, they are both functional and  integral to the design of architect Ed Niles’ masterpiece.

Beatles Love, Las Vegas Nevada - The entrance to the Beatles Love Theater at The Mirage consists of  2" thick translucent laminated floor panels with a permanent anti-skid surface  applied to the surface to meet all safety requirements.  High-definition and LED lighting bring the Cirque du Soliel experience to life.

Charlie Palmer Restaurant - The walkway of the new Charlie Palmer restaurant is durable, serviceable and above all beautiful. Featuring custom artwork, each panel is laminated with an anti-slip frit pattern on the surface.

Chandelier Lounge, Las Vegas Nevada - At the center of the new Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the Chandelier lounge features a spiral staircase of custom carved glass that lends an air of cool refinement to all the three levels it connects.

Telus Bridge - Vancouver B.C - The glass bridge in the new courtyard for Telus, was developed using the GlasPro Color Toolbox. The custom color in combination  with a custom textured glass surface creates an arresting focal point within this elegant space.

Space Stairs - GlasPro developed this unique stair tread product for a very unique private residence. Our art department produced 20 individual images which were then laminated in tempered glass. When installed, each step is lit by LED lights from beneath producing a staircase that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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