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GPD Finland: DuPont shows the way forwards

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DuPont would like to invite people to take advantage of a 20% conference-registration discount so they can come and see its presentations at the upcoming Glass Performance Days(GPD) event in Tampere, Finland, between the 13 and 15th of June.   

DuPont would also welcome visitors to its booth at the co-located Glass Expo event; where it will be discussing new products and test results as well as having industry experts on hand to discuss your specific needs.     


GPD Finland – of which DuPont is a Platinum Sponsor – is an independent forum dedicated to the development of the global glass industry through education. It organises conferences in different countries, including Finland, India and Brazil every two years and in China every year. In Finland, GPD also organises workshops and a glass exhibition.

The main educational component will be the conference where around 200 papers, covering five main topics of the glass industry, will be presented by experts from around the world. One of the opening speakers will be Jonathan Cohen, Global Business Director for Advanced Interlayers at DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions. Cohen will be highlighting global mega trends, especially those that impact the construction and glass market. He will also focus on safety and security risks.

Alongside Jonathan Cohen, DuPont has an impressive contingent of subject-matter experts who will be giving presentations on a variety of important and topical subjects. These experts include Dr. Steve Bennison, Michel Gallizia and Robin Czyzewicz.

Dr. Bennison, a Senior Technology Associate who heads DuPont’s Global Consulting Team for laminated glass, will be presenting three papers: 'Strength of Laminated Glass – New Codes and Standards for Design', ' Mechanics of “Thin” Glass Ionomer Laminates for Light Weight Glazing ' and 'Post Glass Breakage Performance of Laminated Glass'.

Michel Gallizia, who is in charge of SentryGlas® interlayer development for the European architectural market, will be presenting two papers: 'Possibilities to use embedded structures with ionoplast structural interlayer' and ' Overhead glass roofing minimally supported panels using ionoplast interlayer (10 years after installation)'.

Robin Czyzewicz, Consultancy specialist North-America, will be presenting a paper titled 'Enhancing Safety with Laminated Glass in Exterior Balcony Railings'.

In addition to the speakers, Ingo Stelzer, Global Consultant team leader at DuPont will be chairman of the conference’s structural engineering sessions on the 15th. Finally, before the conference, a number of workshops will be taking place on June 11-12th, including two hosted by DuPont personnel. One titled 'Laminated Glass in Architectural Glass Structures', is being hosted by Luc Moeyersons from DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions DuPont in Belgium and  the other, hosted by Ingo Stelzer, Dr. Bennison and Robin Czyzewicz, is called 'Structural Performance and Applications of Laminated Glass'.

The GPD event actively encourages formal and informal discourse between exhibitors and visitors and sets the scene for the industry with regards to current and future developments. As a platinum sponsor, DuPont is in a position to offer a special discount of 20% off the conference registration fee*. Visitors simply need to add the code DUPONT-GPD to the end of registration form – in the payment summary section.

*Offer valid until May 5, 2013. The discount only applies for the conference fee. No discounts are given for workshops or any other activities that may be selected during the registration process.

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