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Glaston s heating chamber upgrades - Extend lifetime, increase line throughput

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Helsinki, 2012-10-23, The Glaston RC200™ heating chamber can now be supplied as a replacement heating chamber upgrade or as an additional heating chamber for your existing tempering line. Extend lifetime with Glaston RC200-zone™

Glaston RC200-zone™ heating chamber upgrade is designed to be a quick and cost-efficient modification to replace a damaged and/or outdated furnace chamber and extend your machinery lifetime instead of acquiring a complete new tempering line. It upgrades your existing tempering line to meet the latest demands for high quality and Low-E processing. The new technology with quick response heating and a new bottom heating control reduces changeover time and improves the overall process control.

“RC200-zone™ is equipped with Glaston’s latest lengthwise convection profiling system Vortex Plus™ that enables the processing of all temperable glass,” says Pekka Huuhka, SVP Glaston Services.

Increase line throughput with Glaston RC200-2-zone™

Glaston RC200-2-zone™ is designed for a quick and cost-efficient modification from single-chamber to double-chamber production, providing a significant boost to total line throughput. Depending on glass type and thickness, the upgrade increases line capacity with clear glass (≤ 8 mm) up to an average of 80%.

“The double-chamber process uses less energy per processed glass square meter than a single-chamber process. It also achieves enhanced optical quality because the glass reaches temperature stability quicker with shorter heating times at high temperatures,” Huuhka continues. “Glaston RC200-2-zone™ requires a minimum investment in factory infrastructure. As an added advantage with either of these zone upgrades, customers receive a completely new Glaston iControL™, our latest automation system.”

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Glaston is a global company developing glass processing technology for architectural, solar, appliance and automotive applications. Our portfolio ranges from pre-processing and safety glass machines to software solutions and services. We are dedicated to our customers’ continued success and provide services for all glass processing needs with a lifecycle-long commitment in mind. For more information, please visit www.glaston.net. Glaston's share (GLA1V) is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Small Cap List.

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