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SCHOTT NEXTREMA? High-Tech Glass Ceramics for Use in Extreme Conditions

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High technical material performance, especially in high temperature environments between 400 and 950 degrees Celsius

Mainz (Germany), October 23, 2012 – The international technology group SCHOTT is now offering a portfolio of high-performance glass ceramics under the brand name NEXTREMA™. Thanks to its exceptional technical properties, this high-tech material opens new fields of application for engineers and designers – fields in which traditional materials such as plastics, glass or metal reach their limits. The name alone promises high quality: NEXTREMA™ is derived from „Next Extreme Material“. SCHOTT is showcasing its new product family at the Glasstec show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In the construction of technical applications, engineers and material experts strongly rely on the physical, chemical and mechanical parameters of materials. Robustness under extreme temperature loads and high chemical resistance are often important parameters. At the same time, designers are looking for high-tech materials in the most varied colors, shapes and appearances to create innovative products with a modern industrial design.

„NEXTREMA™ is ideally suited for both engineers and designers”, Michael Glaninger, the responsible product manager at SCHOTT, explains. “NEXTREMA™ is not a simple product for one sole application, but rather a material portfolio for the realization of a various innovations. We would like to develop new applications using NEXTREMA™ glass ceramic with interested manufacturing partners“, Glaninger adds.

  The technical features of NEXTREMA™ are:

- Operating temperature up to 950° C (1,742° F)
- Minimal thermal expansion
- Thermal shock resistance
- Wide transmission spectrum
- Surface resistance and gas impermeability
- Process inertness, e.g. in coating processes
- Robustness at high temperatures

Due to this wide range of product features, NEXTREMA™ can be used in various application fields. For example the material can feature as an inner lining and heat shield in high temperature industrial ovens used in semi-conductor and display technologies. NEXTREMA™ can also function as a carrier plate for the production of displays, chips and wafers in the semi-conductor industry. In this case, the product features minimal thermal expansion, process inertness and the availability of a wide transmission spectrum make the glass ceramic so well-suited.

NEXTREMA™ also targets producers of small electrical devices. Due to its extreme thermal shock resistance and its wide temperature range, the high-performance glass ceramic can function as a carrier material to be coated with heating elements. The applications fields are endless: NEXTREMA™ can also go into products in the electronics, medical technology or home appliance sector.

In addition, NEXTREMA™ opens up a large variety of design possibilities. ”We are also looking into using white glass ceramics for sleek body components of modern electronic appliances, for instance”, Glaninger says. „We see so many opportunities. We are looking forward to engaging in intensive exchange with interested customers.”

More information on NEXTREMA™ is available in a video:

NEXTREMA™ is a trademark of SCHOTT AG.

Photo ID 170896: No one NEXTREMA™ is like the other. Glass ceramics should correspond to the requirements of engineers and designers as exactly as possible. That is why SCHOTT NEXTREMA™ is available in four types, each with different product properties and benefits. Photo: SCHOTT

Photo ID 170897: SCHOTT’s high-performance glass ceramics family NEXTREMA™. Photo: SCHOTT

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