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New version 3.5 of SJ MEPLA available

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SJ MEPLA is a software for design and statics of multi layered sandwich plates.

Especially for the glass engineering practice new approaches for considering laminated glass, insulating glass units, point fixings and for simulating dynamic impact tests on glass panels are included.

Several new functions were added in version 3.5:

- totally modified user interface for more intuitive handling

- changed project structure for more levels

- multitasking work is possible now, running several projects and generating new projects

- multi-processor usage for very much faster equation solving

- In-Core and Out-Of Core solver

- support for 32 and 64 bit systems

- line loads along curved borders

- comment text for each load case

- definition of linear increasing snow loads within "Loadcase"

- consider shear effects within load case

- self defined climate loads

- contact conditions for bonded edges

- 3 new models for point fixings with covering glass panels

- loads can now be applied at fixings

- to cancel the mesh generation and solution process is possible now

- modified graphics window (in-plane deformations,...)

- protocol in portrait or landscape format

- 3 more languages for writing the protocol (Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) and much more

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Haarhofstr. 52

52080 Aachen

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