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SORG Batch Preheater - A Quantum Leap for the Glass Industry

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Optimal use of the energy in glass melting through waste gas heat recovery.

The challenge in terms of sustainability:

Due to process constraints, 25% of the energy used to melt glass escapes with the waste gases. Our goal was to recover the maximum amount of this energy possible and to return it directly to the process.

The initial situation:

Batch preheating with waste gasses is the preferred method for recovering energy. Many patents and solutions to this problem can be found in literature. In implementation, many attempts have failed. The reason is the poor flow characteristics of the raw materials in a heat exchanger. In addition, the mixture of raw materials together with the moisture found in cullet leads to the formation of a material similar to cement. This causes clumping and blocks the material flow. Due to this problem, past attempts at batch preheating have not been financially viable.

The solution – the sustainable technology/sustainable project/sustainable service:

This new technology expands the available applications in the glass industry to sectors where preheating was never possible for the above mentioned reasons. The new technology developed by SORG allows for the first time an interruption free operation. This concept employs multiple heat exchangers in a modular concept that is dust free. The waste gas is directed in a counter flow-to the glass batch materials. This new method of directing the waste gasses together with mechanically vibrating the heat exchangers eliminates previous limits on the application. This technology allows a continuous operation without problems on new applications where high moisture content is present or where little cullet is available. The test unit developed on our site has been scaled up and has proven itself under full scale industrial conditions. Through the special design, the continuous flow of material is ensured. The cement phase that leads to blockage is avoided.

The sustainable strengths:

The new technology makes it possible to use batch preheating for all sectors of the glass industry. Up until now this was only possible in very limited applications due to constraints.

Glass operations gain the following advatages through the installation of a batch preheater:

• Reduce energy consumption
• Increase production on an existing furnace
• Reduce the use of (usually) more expensive electricity
• Compensates for the increased energy consumption of aging furnaces.

The relevant BLUecoMPETENCE topic areas:

The innovation described…

• ...increases energy efficiency.
• ...minimises emissions.
• ...increases the effectiveness.
• decreases production costs.

The inventors:

The invention took place in the framework of a research and development program under the leadership of our development manager in cooperation with our technical departments.

Brief profile of the company:

Name: Nikolaus Sorg GmbH & Co. KG
Headquarters: Lohr am Main
Year established: 1872
Employees: 200
Solutions: Furnaces and equipment for the glass industry
International activities: worldwide


Nikolaus Sorg GmbH & Co. KG
Dr. Hartmut Hegeler
Stoltestraße 23
97816 Lohr am Main
Telefon +49 9352 507-0
Fax +49 9352 507-196

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