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Laser and small pieces

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Lasea, Belgian expert in laser applications such as laser marking, plastic welding and micromachining, is managing more and more projects for very small parts cutting as well as high precision engraving and now meets the highest demands of finest watch industry thanks to the femtosecond laser: smooth cutting edges, no burr and low roughness at the bottom of the engraving. No post treatment anymore: the heat affected zone is almost nonexistent, which saves time and undeniably improves efficiency in the production process.

Decorations with laser

Marking (surface and material, with or without color), engraving, cutting, drilling, but also decoration and surface texturing are also made possible with the femtosecond laser: hydrophobic effect, decorative texturing, capping, beading effect,...

Discovering new developments

Opportunities around these lasers open new doors for more complex parts, more precise markings and decorations not yet invented, and on all materials: steel, brass, beryllium copper, Durnico, titanium, gold, platinum, sapphire, ruby, diamond, silicon,...

LASEA S.A. at glasstec 2012:  H11 / G43 

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