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Fenzi captures the North American market at GlassBuild America 2012

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A surge in the number of visitors from the US and Canada at the Fenzi stand at GlassBuild America 2012, especially in the opening two days of the show, is proof positive that the decision to focus on product quality was the right one for this leading manufacturer of chemicals for secondary glass processing. The primary interest of North American industry professionals is aimed at finding high-performance products that guarantee superior results while still being very easy to use.

At a high-technology trade show like the recently-concluded GlassBuild America, where major emphasis was placed on the green economy and energy savings, a big draw for visitors were products like Duralux Solar Coatings, the new range of solar mirror coatings from the Fenzi Group. In fact, Duralux Solar Coatings are engineered and tested by the Fenzi labs to ensure they meet the highest standards of durability and resistance to wear required by the latest technologies in solar heat collection systems. These impressive coatings are engineered to ensure the maximum chemical resistance to corrosion and UV radiation, the best performance under conditions of thermal and environmental stress, and extremely high resistance to abrasion -- all crucial factors in putting this type of technology to its best use.

But that wasn’t all, interest is also swirling around the special performance properties of the latest generation warm edge technologies created by the Fenzi laboratories, Alu-Pro and Rolltech – part of the Glass Alliance network – products like Chromatech Plus and Chromatech Ultra. And, with regard to energy savings, the advantages offered by Thiover – a polysulphide sealant that meets the most cutting edge standards for ecocompatibility; Butylver – P.I.B. sealant for primary sealing of IG units; and Hotver – a single-component hot melt sealant that guarantees perfect adhesion between glass and spacers.

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